giovedì 15 agosto 2013

Su Inutile: Cargo Collective e l'autostima

Con il mio solito tempismo, in questo fantastico giorno di ferragosto, vi segnalo un articolo che ho scritto più di un mese fa per quelli di Inutile (che andrebbe scritto con la minuscola, ma a me non me ne frega niente). Parla di Cargo Collective. Se pensate che si tratti di una band indie rock è meglio se vi leggete il mio pezzo:
Qui in calce la traduzione in inglese maccheronico.
Cosmic surgery by Alma Haser

Once and for all: no, your facebook page does not count as website / portfolio / business card. No, no and no. Nowadays anyone who has, or aspires to have, a place in the field of art as filmmaker, photographer, chef or whatever, must have a websiteA blog site is fine too, though, with all the services available, it takes just a little effort to get your own website done, without spending a single euro.

The mural for Google.
At the moment the ne plus ultra of free platforms is Cargo Collective (and I'm not the one to say, read here the top 9): the reason is hidden in the name. Cargo Collective infact is a creative community made ​​up of partners rather than a service. This is reflected by the registration procedures that have the authority of those unsettling radical chic artshop in front of which one wonders if he or she is sufficiently cool to enter in, especially if unaccompanied by someone's already in touch with the owners.
 The guys who work with Nike.

I do not know if they ever refused a request, however, to have your own portfolio with them you have to fill in an entry form that requires a brief description of your awesomeness (not exactly in these terms). I can not tell much more because I did not feel worthy to fill it in.
Do not judge the service from its homepage deliberately uncool, but by the people who use it, like the guy who did the murals for Google Big Tent 2012 (Moross), or these guys who work with Nike (MmD) or this photographer shooting portraits of people like George Clooney and Tilda Swinton (Peter Hapak). Here the top users.
I would say that being part of Cargo Collective is the first step to enter the indie artsy world. First, however, an examination of conscience: do you deserve it?

The photographer who makes portraits of Tilda Swinton, among others.

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