giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Su Inutile "Lena Dunham: My personal Jesus"

Continuo imperterrita a scrivere Inutile con la maiuscola e a segnalare con ritardo biblico l'uscita dei miei articoli. Ma in questo caso di biblico non c'è solo la mia lentezza, nell'articolo la mia megalomania mi autorizza a paragonare me stessa a San Giovanni Battista e Lena Dunham a Gesù Cristo. Non lasciatevi ingannare dalla blasfemia e osate leggere Lena Dunham: My personal Jesus e soprattutto osate guardare la serie Girls.

Se non vi fidate di quello che dico io, leggete quello che ha scritto Chiara Lino su Il Post, ma soprattutto leggete il fantastico e illuminante articolo di Ilaria Feole di Serialmente sul quinto episodio della seconda serie. Il quinto e il sesto episodio della seconda serie sono per ora i miei preferiti in assoluto. Però per apprezzarli fino in fondo dovete guardarvi prima tutte le altre puntate. Ma violerebbe qualche legge sul copyright dirvi che trovate le puntate in streaming qui:

Come al solito in calce la traduzione in inglese maccheronico del mio articoletto.

I believe that John the Baptist felt the same when Jesus finally arrived and he was grown enough to start doing his duty as a messiah. Okay, John was beheaded at the end, but omitting this detail, he must have felt relieved. He would have never retired before, because there was a vacuum that has to be fulfilled, but when Jesus arrived, John was happy to give place to the one who had a real chance to change things. I felt the same (that modesty!) when I discovered the existence of Lena Dunham.

Lena Dunham, a 24 years old american filmmaker, gained attention with a delightful film, Tiny Furniture, and thanks to it she was contacted by HBO (by Judd Apatow in person!) to make a TV series about what she knew better: daily life of artsy people in their twenties tring to make ends meet without giving up their ambitions. And in the end it turns out that their lives in New York resembles those of the same kind of persons here in Italy. Of course, living in New York is other than living in Bologna! However, when I saw the promo images of the series, I let myself be fooled by the glossy  effects of the graphics and I thought it was a sort of "Gossip Girls return" and I snubbed the entire season.
During last Christmas holidays, however, thanks to my friend Anna (nomen omen?), I left aside my prejudices and I watched in one day the full first season and  I discovered that, although it is entertainment, Girls is an honest work that shows
believable lives and bodies and in which sexuality is used in a narrative way. The sex scenes, as in people's real lives, are real part of the story. Wow. The only criticism that can be done to Lena Dunham's work is that it's only about the life of a certain kind of people, middle-class people close to the art world. But exactly how we identify ourselves in exotic stories, because what binds us anywhere to anyone is the human factor, even this urban life of a specific social group, like a tribe of alpachi, with its habits that are not ours, causes in spectators a strong empathy. On tv the second season is just begun. Hopefully it will be up to the genuineness of the first, so I can continue to take care of histology and physiology while Lena Dunham opens our eyes on the life of youth in the West urbanized society.

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