sabato 22 dicembre 2012

Nico Vascellari pagherà l’università ai vostri figli! /// Nico Vascellari will pay the university for your children!

Ho scritto un articoletto per Inutile (nome che andrebbe con la minuscola, ma che io sistematicamente scrivo con la maiuscola), Nico Vascellari pagherà l’università ai vostri figli!
E' solo un consiglio su come fare un piccolo investimento intelligente nel mercato dell'arte.
Qui sotto la versione in inglese.

 Let's talk about money, so let's talk about art market. Can I recommend a small business that surely will make you a lot in the future, compared with a small investment of just 10 euros? I'm not one of those online trading pop ups! But I'm not kidding when I say that you will make money.
I don't know if you know who is Nico Vascellari. If you don't know, I'll tell you. In Italy, in the contemporary art world, after the
Maurizio Cattelan's generation (and if there's anyone that does not know who is Cattelan, it's not my problem, I refuse to put the Wikipedia link), the new generation of artists could be easily defined as "Nico Vascellari's generation". In the late '90s Nico Vascellari had already gained attention in the hardcore punk scene with his band With Love. But he had art in his veins so with a series of provocative performances he made ​​a rapid climb, reaching, only 30 years old, the Prize for Young Italian Art at 2006-2007 Venice Biennale. F**k! He now has a new musical project, Ninos Du Brasil, and during the recent live show at Tempesta Label festival (at c.s.o. Rivolta in Venice on December 8th), those who did not know anything about it said "crap", but who knew what was behind that weird performance felt blessed because a limited edition T-shirt was on sale for only 10 euros. Do you know how much money one of those will be worth tomorrow?

PS. Thanks to The Photomodels frontman for the tip. He deserves a percentage of the profits.
PPS. No, I didn't buy the T-shirt because I didn't like it, but now I regret.
PPPS. Vascellari is one of Abramovic's pupils. He also has a page on Wikipedia (in English). Do you understand why I say that this is a safe investment?!

{the photo is by Antonio Campanella, used with permission}