lunedì 25 giugno 2012

Guida ai matrimoni rock’n'roll per Rivista Inutile

Su questo blog ho nominato più volte Matt Odom. Mi sono decisa a scrivere un articolo per Inutile dedicato ai matrimoni rockandroll in cui per forza nomino anche lui che è il guru del genere. Se volete leggere quello che ho scritto andate qui. Sotto invece la traduzione in inglese dell'articolo. (sara)

June 2012. We are a penniless generation, unable to have relationships that last forever, in short, precarious at work and in love, but this doesn't mean that we don't get married, well, maybe it just means that we get married more often. At least according to my personal organizer full of weddings in May and June since years. But some nerds - atheists and struggling to make ends meet - can not open a mortgage to pay for the wedding, right? It wouldn't even be in their attitude! They need a cool wedding, but low cost, and with a rock'n'roll spirit! Instead of a boring video of the day, the best moments become the videoclip of the couple favorite song, as Matt Odom does with the project RockandrollHearths (watch Samantha + Andrew and the masterpiece of the genre Lauren + JP) then, with your Mac, using a program for dummies like iPhoto, you can realize the wedding album: no more double-sided adhesive squares which rubbed the digital prints of the one hour service at the mallbut a real book printed and bound in high quality (that Mom Apple will deliver to your home)! Dad Google instead helps with Simplify Weeding Planning, an integrated service for managing suppliers, invitations and more, complete with an online confirmation list for your guests and tips from Michelle Rago, the global wedding planner. To finish with something sweet, now that we have the desire for junk food encoded in the DNA, there is nothing better than to retire confetti and order the customized M&M's. Don't you need to get married just for that?

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