sabato 20 aprile 2013

Filthy Frank sei nel mio cu... ore / Filthy Frank you're in my a(rm)ss

Nuovo articolo per Inutile, dedicato al mio idolo Filthy Frank! Qui in calce la traduzione in inglese.

Filthy Frank

No, I can't stand it, everyone is speaking about Filthy Frank for the less interesting thing he did, for a video so unrepresentative of his work that I would never talk about it if the main italian newspapers weren't mentioning my idol because of it. Filthy Frank cannot be remembered in the web history for launching the viral spread of Harlem Shake, I do not accept this. 

What I know about him is that (maybe) he is Japanese, (almost) twenty years old, studying science of communication or something like that in New York and that his videos consciously make fun of everybody, including himself, without pity. 
No politically correct moralism, no taboos, no highbrow comedy, Filthy Frank creates gags that like any work of contemporary art become meaningful (and funnier) through repetition and accumulation. And thanks to what appears to be a random combination of elements, video after video, through an extensive network of cross-references - so that at some point it only takes one "NYEEEES" to laugh out loud - we find ourselves into his hallucinatory world of wonders with a whole bunch of characters (such as Salamander Man and Pink Guy, adult and perverted versions of world wide icons like Kerokerokeroppi and Power Rangers respectively). 

All these characters are defined by a precise iconography, including Filthy Frank, an alter ego of the author wearing glasses and a blue shirt buttoned to the collar: his hilarious faces and sexual itches represent the caricature of the modern man life style. Maybe I like him and his videos so much because, as Filthy Frank says, the people following him are sick and disgusting, and so I'm sick and disgusting too. Or maybe I like him so much because I know too many people in the neightbourhood that are really sick and disgusting, other than the stereotype of the Japanese employee who buys used teenagers underwear!

 However, an essential videography is the following:
 - How to eat in 30 different cultures
- Filthy Frank Goes to College (he did this video in August 2012 before leaving Japan to move to New York. Touching). 

Follow him on Twitter, his tweets will brighten up your days with pearls of wisdom:- Why do people wear raincoats knowing that they look like condoms with severe autism?
- The best part of my day is going to the bathroom because I don’t have to deal with people.
- Nothing says “I touch women on the subway” like a denim jacket.


And if you want to be really filthy you have to buy online Filthy Frank and Pink Guy tshirts on

[Thanks to fra.diem23 the one who introduced me to Filthy Frank's world. NYEEEES!]

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