domenica 25 marzo 2012

Who's that girl? Daniela Jacobs!

Su Inutile è uscito il mio articoletto su Daniela Jacobs! Se non conosci ancora la regina della moda DIY leggi qui.

Freeshly published on Inutile my brief review about Daniela Jacobs! If you're new to the queen of DIY fashion, read below the english version of my article.

In a world in which Roberto Cavalli is a designer internationally appreciated, from the country that invented Jersey Shore, at a time when everything seems to scream that Guidos, it's nice, Daniela Jacobs was born. She is an emerging designer who presented in 2006, when she was only 15 years old, her first collection, ALLORA, inspired by the 30s-40s style. Daniela has continued to develop these insights in her following collection in which the flavor of the XX century - à la Coco Chanel plus the bizarre nonsense à la Man ​​Ray - and a pinch of '80s pop - enough to make it spicy - gave birth to this contemporary and easy elegance. I adore her style because she is really the queen of DIY (Do It Yourself). I always follow her hot tips on Refinery 29, the site dedicated to independent fashion, which offers ideas DIY to renew the wardrobe with cheap but chic advices. I recommend her tutorial to make astriped t-shirt for the summer season: even if you are not willing to do it, look at the step by step slideshow, very very cool!

Some more info about her here:
- official website
- interview
- review

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