lunedì 31 marzo 2008

PAUL GRAVETT recensisce BIL BOL BUL 2008

qui potete trovare il resoconto della fiera BIL BOL BUL di Bologna per mano di uno degli ospite d'eccellenza: Paul Gravett!!

"ultima ma non meno importante" trovate anche una piccola recensione di Ernest,:

"Last but not the least, the importance of being Ernest - or more accurately Ernest, - that's Ernest comma or Ernest virgola. I missed this new group's exhibit but caught the first 64-page anthology, much of it tough, unsentimental, with strong language and feeling, surprising and promising. Francesco Cattani stood out, for one, shown here with a page from Barcazza 2, and Vincenzo Filosa & Norman Lai's manga-inspired L'appostamento (Stalking). Like Canicola, they put handy English subtitles on every page. They've also published a lovely New York sketchbook by Toffolo which I picked up at his concert." (paul gravett)

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